• If you run a family business and employ family members, You do not have to pay EI Premiums for these family employees as they are considered uninsurable workers and rarely do they qualify for EI Benefits.

  • 9 out of 10 people employed in a family business do not quality for benefits. Even if you do get approval for Employment Insurance Benefits they may ask for repayment once they determine you wern't eligable.
  • According to the Government, if you are related to the owner of the business as a Mother, Father, Son, Daughter, Brother or Sister you do not qualify for employment insurance benefits therefore you should not be paying it. 

    This doesn't stop the government from willingly accepting your EI contributions. 

  • Sons & Daughters

  • Including son/ daughter in laws, step children & grandchildren

  • Wives & Husbands

  • Including Common-law partners filing tax returns together

  • Mothers & Fathers

  • Including mother, father in laws, step parents and grandparents

  • Brothers & Sisters

  • Including brothers/sister in laws, step brothers & sisters

  • Uncles, Aunts, Nephews, Nieces and Cousins are not considered related people in this ruling.

  • If you have employees that are related to you as above, you can apply for a ruling of exemption from EI Remittance payments. - You will not only be exempt from paying EI Premiums we will request a refund on your behalf of the past 3 years + the current calendar year.