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    We make it easy for businesses to manage healthcare spending accounts.

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    Private Health Services Plan { PHSP / HSA } 

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    Elite Business Services Ltd Incorporated in 2008 to provide assistance with a number of programs and services for businesses & individuals
    available through various levels of government including Filing Income Tax Returns, Tax Support, Seniors Benefits, PHSP / HSA ….


  • By law, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) allows you to adjust your taxes for the last 10 years. we look for every opportunity to maximize the tax deductions and credits and programs that may be available to you, and your family,  that may be missed or disallowed by discount tax preparers. Elite will conduct an in-depth 10-year tax review to calculate the refund due you. Based on a percentage of what we are able to recover on your behalf. Elite Business Services Ltd. is Registered as a Certified Professional with the Canada Revenue Agency K6747. { If there are no credits and deductions available you do not pay for the review }

    If you owe a substantial amount of tax to the CRA please visit the Tax Support Page to see if we can help you with interest and penalty relief, tax adjustments, file an objection …  Will review your returns and advise you of additional credits and deductions available to you on a contingency basis.

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  • Accounting & Compliance

    Audit Ready Bookkeeping requires a blend of tax law, accounting principles, understanding of CRA audit requirements, and an understanding of how best to categorize and defend an expense. Our Bookkeeping services code and cross reference your transactions according to [...]

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    10 Year Tax Recovery Program

    Claiming the deductions & credits owed to you over the past 10 years can result in refunds of hundreds / thousands of dollars.

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    Carbonless Forms

    Multipart forms are an essential part to running your business efficiently. Printing customized, high quality forms keeps your business organized and presents a professional appearance.. Snap sets, books, multipart, cheques, deposit books … Computer Cheques [...]

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